Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Sunday

Today, we went to my dad's house for brunch (Mmmmm brunch-y food! My favorite!!). On the way over, I bought little plastic eggs and candy, stickers, and sidewalk chalk to fill them with so that the boys could get a practice round in before next weekend. (Is Easter REALLY next weekend? My gosh!). Anyways, Andy and I hid a bunch of eggs: sports eggs shaped like athletic balls, eggs shaped like dinosaur heads, and a few that looked like jewels. The boys were so cute, trying so hard to hide their eyes by the back door. I kept seeing them peeking through their little hands and hearing muffled voices asking, "Are you ready?!" Here are some pictures of the cutie-pies:

Here they are, heading out to hunt!

I had to teach Andy to "hide" the eggs in plain sight for the kids :o)

The competition was fierce :o)

Ben kept taking breaks to count his eggs

Landon was so proud of himself! ;o)

Don't they look like they could be brothers?

After the egg hunt, my step-mom ("Grandma Diana") rested with the boys while they all watched Herbie!


Andrea said...

Cute, cute pictures! =)

I love Easter egg hunts. We went and saw the Easter Bunny Saturday and Kurt's work.. .it was fun! I'm going to post pictures soon.

Photog-Mama said...

HI! What a small world. So where are you located?

Photog-Mama said...

Come on down...we have a blast!

Cassie said...

Hi Jen! I just found you from the comments from Andrea's site. Cute pictures! I think we have "spoken" on the SAHCM group!

Jennifer said...

Hey Cassie! Yeah, we have "spoken" before! Yay--Thanks for popping by my blog :o) I'm going to go check yours out now! (PS: are you Cassie Hintermister? If so, I always get your name stuck in my head and just repeat it over and over---ha ha ha!--I love it!)