Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Difference Between Andy and Me

Okay, so there are a vast number of differences between my husband and myself (he's pretty much my polar opposite!), but this story sums it all up pretty nicely.

Yesterday, I was mixing up my favorite lunch concoction of rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, and avocados (served on wheat bread with Havarti cheese--Mmmmm!) when I realized that there was some kind of gross blue powder all over the outside of my avocado. I, being the paranoid germophobe that I am, asked my husband to come check it out for me. I asked him what it was, and he answered that it was probably "just dirt". "Blue dirt?" I said, (with a snarled lip and a roll of my eyes, of course). He shrugged nonchalantly and went about his business. I kept inspecting the avocado, imagining all of the things that could be on my food. Andy finally volunteered to try it for me, to prove there was nothing wrong with it, so I handed it over. He picked up the avocado and looked all around the outside of it....Then HE LICKED IT!!! He licked the nasty blue powder right off of the side of the avocado!!! I looked at him in shock and disgust and asked "Why didn't you just take a bite??!!" His answer?

"I don't like avocados."

Needless to say, he survived. He always does. And I'm still crazy. I always was.

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Andrea said...

LoL - rolling on the floor. You two are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! When are we getting that beach house so we can see this in full swing?