Sunday, March 30, 2008


So, today at Whole Foods Market, I heard that there has been a recall of all Stonyfield Farms Fat Free Blueberry Yogurt. Why, you ask? Well, there might be fragments of plastic or glass (Glass? Are you kidding me???!!) in the product. I just thought I'd mention it since pretty much everyone I know eats this stuff. I know we do! Scary.


Kim said...

You are KIDDING me! This is Jack's favorite yogurt! That is just scary...what IS safe anymore? Jeez. Luckily, I put it through a fine mesh strainer before giving it to him because he hates the texture of the fruit in his yogurt...he's a weird kid, but in this case that may be a good thing! Wow.

Jennifer said...

I know, right??!! And this is GLASS they're talking about here--that's what freaked me out. Oh, and Jack isn't weird--My sister is twenty and she still hates the texture of fruit in anything :o)