Saturday, March 15, 2008

Landon's Latest & Greatest

This is the Melissa and Doug Easel we just bought for Landon. He stands in front of it for hours just working away! The easel has a chalk board on one side, a dry erase board on the other, and paper that rolls down so he can paint! We also bought no-spill paint cannisters (also by Melissa and Doug) that fit right into a tray on the easel and were so happy they ACTUALLY WORK!!

And THIS is what Landon did to set up his new workspace. I just bought a box of giant sidewalk chalk and when I came out of the kitchen tonight, I saw that Landon had emptied the entire box of chalk into the little chalk ledge on his easel. It cracked me up! Hopefully it will last a while!

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Andrea said...

Kurt came in yesterday and saw this and is like "we need one of those"!!! FUn!