Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Have Two Words For You A.I. Fans:



Andrea said...

He's kinda cute! By the way.. I tagged you for memo thing. I don't have many to tag so you get it everytime. LOL! !

Jennifer said...

I love being tagged! Makes me feel important! ;o) About David Cook: He could be a creepy sloth and his voice would still blow me away--Have you heard this guy??!!

Greg said...

David Cook is my favorite right now. I can't recall hearing a bad song from him yet. I like many of the others, but I think it is time we had a Rocker win American Idol!!

I'm still not a fan of David Archuleta. He has a great voice, but I can't bring myself to vote for him. And I've heard his dad is a big-time "Stage Dad". That's not cool.

Jennifer said...

I agree, Greg--David A. can sing, but he kind of annoyed me this week! If he doesn't blow me away next week, I'm going to want to send him home!

I am going to go take Landon to his portfolio specialist to have his head shots retouched--Talk to you later! ;oP

Oh, PS) You should fill out the meme I just sent tags out for--I didn't tag you b/c I wasn't sure whether or not you do memes....but consider this a tag! :o)

Sharon said...

You know, I thought David Cook was good, but not as amazing as the judges said. Personally, I thought the Australian was MUCH better than Cook, with his combo song. (what's his name? Michael?)
I like David, but just didn't agree he was so phenomenal.

Brooke is still a favorite of mine. I didn't think she did that well the last 2 weeks, but I love her style and voice.

Greg-I'm with you on Archuleta. His songs choices have not been good for him.

Greg said...

Jen--Thanks for the tag. Sharon also tagged me and I just posted my answers on my blog.

Sharon--Michael Johns and Brooke White are also my favorites, along with David Cook. Michael Johns totally ROCKS when he sings Queen!! He should sing their songs for the rest of the competition, IMO.

Jennifer said...

I loved Brooke last night, too--Wasn't she so good? As for Monsieur Johns--I think he looks just like Val Kilmer in the movie The Doors--Anyone agree? He was awesome last night! Oh, and I want to hear Jason Castro sing "Mr. Jones" or something else by the Counting Crows before he gets kicked off.