Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's My "Dootie", I'll Clean It Up

Well, actually, it wasn't MY "dootie" per se and technically, I left it for Andy to clean it up, but whatever. Potato, Po-tah-to. Anyways, here's the story...

Once upon a time (last Thursday to be exact), Landon and I decided to go out into the backyard to pick a bouquet of daffodils for the little old lady across the street, "Grandma Martha". It was a beautiful spring-like day and daffodils had bloomed all over our yard. We were able to cut at least twenty stems without even putting a dent in the garden....Ahhhhhh, lovely. We made our way back into the house, (carefully dodging piles of Jackson and Molly's "business")...I should say "carefully, but not accurately" because Landon had (without my notice) stepped in some and before I ever did notice, my wild child had tracked it ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!!! Blehhhhhhh! Those who know me know I am somewhat of a germ-a-phobe, so imagine if you will what my calm, rational reaction was when I realized Landon had done an amazing job with running over every accessible surface in our home within ten minutes. You guessed it, we packed our bags and moved down the street to my mom's house until the carpet cleaners could come. Enter cheapskate husband stage left (superhero music here): "I'll steam clean the carpets myself!" (<-- Read in a manly voice) Ummm...Yeah right. Needless to say, I was at my mom's house for four days while my cheapskate husband (who also happens to be my procrastinating husband and my unable-to-complete-a-household-chore husband) (sorry Bub...kiss, kiss) saved a few bucks. *sigh* Good times.

I guess I could have posted pictures of this, but I don't know who would gag more, you or me. (Oh, and by the way, I didn't really take pictures--I didn't have time to think of future giggles during my calm, rational reaction).


Andrea said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I'm so sorry that happened but it is so very funny. Drop shoes when entering house for now on. Ha ha! Like that ever happens.

PS. I'm the cheapskate wife.. I would be all about doing it myself and my husband wouldn't. *laugh* Glad your home with nice clean carpets.

E-mail you later!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha! We are home, but the carpets are already looking gross again--That's why I had the problem with Andy doing it...he can't even load dishes into the dishwasher without messing it up (I think it's on purpose--ha ha ha!). We might have to call in the pros after all! :o) About the's already a rule and--you're right--it NEVER happens! LOL