Monday, August 25, 2008


I am FINALLY getting to a computer to write a new post!!! My lap top has seen its last days (Fisher Price piecew of crap), so its going to be touch-and-go with blogging for a little while (and yes I am going through withdrawals). I just wanted to pop in and thank all of you who have been praying for me and sending well wishes--You are all amazing!!! You have no idea how much its meant to me!

I went to see a new cardiologist this afternoon and he is setting me up with a 30-day event monitor to see if he can catch what's going on. In the middle of September, they are going to make me do a stress test (where they make you run on a treadmill and then do an ultrasound on your heart---Good times.) :o) In the mean time, I am trying not to be all neurotic, worrying about every tiny thing that feels weird or different (and not off to a very good start--Ha!). The cardiologist seemed concerned because of my mom's heart issues, but he told me the chances of me having something that's actually life-threatening is slim to none (Heck yeah!! Keep those prayers coming!!)

I will fill in more details later (especially for those of you who are sitting there going, "What the crap? She's sick???") but I'll leave this as a quick update for now.

Thank you all again so very, very much for everything!!! You brought tears to my eyes!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can I Just Say...

I HATE blog comment fights---UGH! I hate 'em! Oh well, I am proud of my new nickname that came out of the spat: "The Shrew"...Has a nice ring to it.

My Little Picasso

This is Landon's latest creation. He came running to me and said he had to show me something AMAZING....Here it is! This is a portrait of our whole family: Me on the left (washing dishes because that is what I LOVE to do, according to Landon), Landon in the middle with his arm reaching up the nest with our five baby birds--Andy on the right, and our two dogs in the bottom left corner--Cute, Cute, Cute!

Looks Like They Need to Upgrade!

Monday, August 4, 2008


For those of my readers who are married (ESPECIALLY if you have children): Do you and your spouse go out for dates regularly? If so, what kind of things do you do together? Do you hire baby-sitters or leave the kid(s) with relatives? Do you think going out for dates is important for a healthy relationship or that spending time alone on a regular basis is underrated? And finally, is money a factor for you in this issue?

Just wondering!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Are You There, God? Its me, Landon"

Introducing God to Landon on a small scale has been pretty simple. He recognizes images of Jesus and knows several prayers. He prays for me when I'm upset ("Please, Dodd, Pleeeease help Mommy feel better!") and understands that God is out there somewhere....but over the last couple of weeks, I have started seeing how confusing the whole thing can be for a little guy to grasp (and for Mom to explain).

A few days ago, Landon was talking to me about about my Grandma's old crucifix that is hanging on my bedroom wall and I said )something to the effect of, "That's Jesus. He made us." (and after a brief look of disbelief from Landon that the tiny man on our wall was this "Jesus" guy...) I went on to say, "Well THAT isn't Jesus...Jesus is in Heaven. That is just a statue of Jesus, blah, blah, ramble, blah." He kept giving me this, "Mmmhmm, yeah, sure." look and I decided to save that topic for another day.

Another day, before taking a bath in my bathroom, we passed the crucifix again and Landon said, "That's Jesus! It's a statue of Jesus." I patted him on the back for spouting the correct answer (and patted myself on the back for getting through to him) when he turned to me and asked, "What is Jesus' last name, Mommy?"

Errrr....Hmph! ;o)

Anyway, we were sitting in church today and Landon was starting to get that cheeky look on his face (the one that says, "Okay, I'm done.") His legs and arms couldn't stop wiggling--He was sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth and making little noises to amuse himself. I tried leaning across Andy to "mom-hiss" a threatening message in his direction--Didn't deter him at all. Then I tried playing Good Cop and talking sweetly to him, telling him how good I knew he could be, he's my big, big boy, big boys are good in church, etc.....He simply told me that he wasn't really that big. He was still kind of little, actually. This was no amateur I was dealing with. This was a quick and cunning three-year-old. After a few more feeble attempts to get him to calm down, I used the (dreaded and annoying) last resort tactic of bribery: "If you're so, so good, maybe we can go to the playground after church is over!" That just made him restless to go to the playground at that very moment. Not good. I looked at my son, crawling all over the pew and grinning that Dennis the Menace grin and told him that we were in God's house and that God was watching him so he better behave. His little blond head jerked up, immediately at attention. His body was completely still as curious blue eyes darted around the church. Up to the choir loft, back at the altar, behind us near the Baptismal font...I could see the wheels in his head turning. He was finally going to get a peek at this "God" character! After scouring the room for God's watchful (albeit disapproving...according to Mom) gaze for a few minutes, he looked at me like I had played a joke on him ("I don't see God anywhere!") and went back to his shenanigans. We wound up in the choir room. :o)

Teaching Spirituality: Job #4,129,863 of Motherhood. Whew!

Arte Y Pico

I'm not sure how the crap this happened, but I won a bloggy award! Ah, yes, Mandy at Life's About a Dream
gave my blog the Arte Y Pico Award (and I know she has good taste, so I can't figure it out!...But I ACCEPT!) ;o) Anyways, THANK YOU Mandy for buttering me up this fine, fine, award-winning day! I am going to pass the torch to five of my favorite blogs now (drumroll please!):

Stacey at Housewife in FlipFlops

Sharon at The Bird's Nest

Kim at The Falcon's Nest

Sunday at La Vita e Bella

Sue at Mediocre Girl

(There are so many others I love--Just click through my blogroll for some good readin'! A few of my favorites have already been given the award, so I skipped them to be fair :o)
Check them out!

If you're given this award, pass it on!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry its been so long since I've posted anything worth reading! I've been quite the Phantom Blogger, lurking around everyone else's blogs and not paying much time on my own! We have been swamped around here with so many random things and the days are just shooting by--Can you believe its AUGUST already?! Landon's been nursing a mini summer cold and playing the part of "Three Year Old" very well. (Those of you with three year olds will know what I mean...Those of you who have not made it to that stage of your lives yet: BEWARE!" ;oP

Andy is going CRAZY at work!! Ole GW just passed a law that ruined four of his loans (Think: $1,000,000 down the tube and $10,000 out of our own pocket). He had to call all four buyers and tell them, "Hey, guess what! You don't get to have the house you were just about to move in to! Hooray for all of us!" The housing business is going downhill fast and I'm wondering how much longer Andy can deal with the feast or famine scenario. To be continued...

Let's see...what else? Ah, yes. I'm starting to see a new internal medicine spaecialist who thinks all of my "issues" are stemming from Adrenal Gland Fatigue and she wants me to stop eating dairy and wheat products for a YEAR (!!!) among other super fun things! Wish me luck with that one (and thank God the food allergies pregnancy brought on have already turned me into a major label checker--I'm going to be needing that talent now!) *sigh* I guess it'll all be worth it if I can start to feel "normal" again.

Last, but not least is that my mom is getting on a plane at 11:55 am tomorrow to go to a little town in Mexico for a mission trip. She is going alone (which is totally not like her!!) and I'm as worried about her as I am excited for her. She just started a new heart medicine today, too...So, any of you who have a spare moment, please send up a prayer for her safety :o) Thanks!!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will start working on posting more often!!