Friday, August 1, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry its been so long since I've posted anything worth reading! I've been quite the Phantom Blogger, lurking around everyone else's blogs and not paying much time on my own! We have been swamped around here with so many random things and the days are just shooting by--Can you believe its AUGUST already?! Landon's been nursing a mini summer cold and playing the part of "Three Year Old" very well. (Those of you with three year olds will know what I mean...Those of you who have not made it to that stage of your lives yet: BEWARE!" ;oP

Andy is going CRAZY at work!! Ole GW just passed a law that ruined four of his loans (Think: $1,000,000 down the tube and $10,000 out of our own pocket). He had to call all four buyers and tell them, "Hey, guess what! You don't get to have the house you were just about to move in to! Hooray for all of us!" The housing business is going downhill fast and I'm wondering how much longer Andy can deal with the feast or famine scenario. To be continued...

Let's see...what else? Ah, yes. I'm starting to see a new internal medicine spaecialist who thinks all of my "issues" are stemming from Adrenal Gland Fatigue and she wants me to stop eating dairy and wheat products for a YEAR (!!!) among other super fun things! Wish me luck with that one (and thank God the food allergies pregnancy brought on have already turned me into a major label checker--I'm going to be needing that talent now!) *sigh* I guess it'll all be worth it if I can start to feel "normal" again.

Last, but not least is that my mom is getting on a plane at 11:55 am tomorrow to go to a little town in Mexico for a mission trip. She is going alone (which is totally not like her!!) and I'm as worried about her as I am excited for her. She just started a new heart medicine today, too...So, any of you who have a spare moment, please send up a prayer for her safety :o) Thanks!!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will start working on posting more often!!


Andrea said...

First off -- Amelia loves the pictures of Landon on your blog.She keeps pointing and smiling. She's boycrazy. LOL!!

I will continue to pray for you and your 'issue's' you're going to be all figured out soon. *hugs*
Prayers for your momma and for Andy's work situation. Darn housing market.

The three's don't get any easier, huh? Well I'm just stepping into them. Be prepared for e-mails HELP ME!!!! LOL!!!!

So, my sister and I have come up with a "plaN" for us to move by you. Oh yes.. a plan. I'll have to e-mail it to you - you're in charge of finding us land. HA HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Sharon said...

Whoa! Your mom is doing a mission trip?! How long will she be there?
I've had several friends go on mission trips (Belize, Jamaica), and they all came back saying it was worth it. Hope that's some comfort. ;)

I do recall the 3YO behavior. Can't say I miss it. lol I much prefer 4.

Do you need any sourced for df-gf recipes? I've come across some great sites and blogs with some and bookmarked them a few months ago. Let me know.

I hope Landon feels better soon!

Mandy said...

Sending prayers your way for your Mom, for Andy and his work (that bites) and for you and your "issues"! :)

About your comment on buying a "fixer upper"... I love this old house and all that goes with it. If you are serious about that purchase, try to do as much as you can yourselves. When you do need to contract out, be prepared to spend a lot more that you anticipate. :)

Jennifer said...

Andrea--Yes, let's buy land and live in a commune! LOL--Or we can just buy houses on the same street (although I'd settle for you guys being even a few HOURS away!!)--Don't tease me, woman--I won't ever leave the subject alone! I'm campaigning for local friends who don't drive me NUTS right now!! :oP Oh, and we need to do some Landen to Landon comparisons again soon--I swear we're raising the same child!!

Jennifer said...

Sharon--YES! Recipes! Send them (and LOTS of them!!!) I have been scouring the internet,bookmarking everything I can find--I went to Whole Foods last night, kind of pissy about the new diet and came out thanking God that there IS a Whole Foods Market!!! They have more GF and DF stuff than I ever paid attention to! Today I am trying GF/DF french toast---This stupid diet BETTER work!! :o)

As for Mom's mission trip (can you believe that??!), she is in this tiny little town outside of Mexico City and she'll be working in a medical clinic for the most part. Listen to this: She had to get some shots for the trip and she was TERRIFIED!! Ha ha ha ha! isn't that hilarious? Looks like SOMEONE'S been listening--ha ha ha!

Jennifer said...

Mandy--Thanks so much for the prayers! Mom called me a little while ago when they were getting ready to take off--I am ready for it to be 4:00 right now!! :o)

About the fixer-upper: Andy is now interested in investment properties--but he wants to buy the house I want to LIVE in and FLIP IT!! Boooo! Bad, baaad husband!

Sharon said...

Buying a house...
This may sound selfish, but oh well.
If one person stay at home for years on end (like we do w/ our kids), then we spend the most time in the house, which is why I feel we should be most comfortable with it.
OK, that sound worse than how I mean it, so I hope it makes sense to read.

Basically if you want a house that Andy also likes, you should get to stay in it if you are that happy there.
Sorry to the guys, bet they are not in the house as much. ha ha

Crystal said...

Prayers for all your trials right now, for Andy's job, and for your mom.