Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

One of the displays at the end of the cul-de-sac

Hanging out with the neighbors

Landon and me

Speed Racer Trick-or-Treats (at our house) ;o)

Landon hanging out with his buddies

And now....."Post-Candy Landon" (God help us...)

Fake smile

Stopping for a quick sandwich...

Checking out the loot!

The fire pit where the kids roasted marshmallows

And more post-candy shots ;o)....

Click here for last year's Halloween post :o)


Sharon said...

I LOVE the pic 3rd from bottom. Seriously. He looks like when Kevin would say "Feed me please, I'm hungry". AWESOME!!! lol

All the pics are great. :) He's a cutie in his costume. And cute idea for the pumpkins, btw.

Andrea said...

Oh I love these pictures.. adorable Speed Racer. Landen calls himself Speed Racer all the tiem. So I was thinking of you guys the other day because a few months back you were saying how Landon points out all the different cars from CARS while your driving. Our Landen totally does that now. You can tell just the few months makes such a difference in age.