Monday, October 13, 2008

There Goes Speed Racer

My sister (who TOTALLY spoils my son!) bought Landon his first "real" bike! He zooms around the cul-de-sac, demanding that everyone call him "Speed". He, of course had to get a Speed Racer costume for Halloween, but he's worn it so many times (to show off on his bike) that now he said he needs a different costume for Halloween. His Speed Racer get-up is not a costume, you see. Its just that when you're speed Racer, you have to wear a Speed Racer outfit...and what "Speed" is going to be for Halloween is actually Spiderman. Hmmmmmmmmmm. We'll see who wins this one!


Sharon said...

Go Speedracer, Go!!!!

Aidan's loving his bike lately, too. Those two need to get together. They'd have so much fun!

And how great he's being some type of superhero for Halloween. Seriously. Our boys are in sync. Aidan is being Batman, and Brennan is Superman.
Can you imagine a picture of those 3 together?!

I'm so glad you're blogging again. :)

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha ha! We are going to have to photoshop them into a picture together--I have the funniest image in my head--LOL! That's awesome!

Mandy said...

Love it! We are most likely getting Frick his first bike either for his b-day (Nov.) or Christmas. :)

Kim said...

Ha ha, love it! We are in full-on Speed Racer mode up here, too...I can't even tell you how many times a day I hear "Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, GO-OO!" I love that he has a Speed Racer have to post a pic of that!!

Andrea said...

Ha ha hah aha!!! That is awesome. Landen hasn't seen speed racer but we call him that and he calls himself that. It's hilarious. Love the bike!! Spiderman.. well we have Superman here. I was trying to talk him into being something else, a really cool costume but he's at that age that he wants to be want HE wants to be. LOL

Aunt Jess said...

hooray for aunt nancy!! i agree w/'re gonna need to post a speed racer pic w/ the getup on.