Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day With Pop-Pop

I remember how much I LOVED to go to my grandmother's house when I was little and I have always wished that Landon would grow up to feel the same way about his grandparents. Yesterday, Andy went to Columbia, so Landon and I went to my dad's house for the day. It reminded me so much of those great days I used to spend at my grandma's house as a kid. My dad flew kites with Landon and Ben. Then the three of them watered the garden, checked the grapevine for grapes, picked apples from their apple tree...They did science experiments on the back driveway with vinegar and baking soda and bubble solution. We had a big dinner of Diana's delicious chicken and rice soup and homemade bread and went home stuffed and exhausted and happy. Is there anything better than seeing your kid smile that special smile that says they know they're loved and they're having the time of their life? Its funny how little it really takes to put that smile on their faces...Its food for thought. :o)

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