Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last night I went to my ten year high school reunion..WEIRD! Usually, I'll see one or two people I went to school with, but (WHEW!) its overwhelming when there are a hundred or more people in one room at one time...A hundred people to catch up with, spouses to meet, kid pictures to swap...Having Facebook and MySpace helps--I got some work done ahead of time, but I was still EXHAUSTED by the end of the night! (Not that it takes much to exhaust me these days!! :o) It was so weird to hug someone I used to be friends with, ask them if they were still living here in town, and hear something like, "No. I lived in Dallas for five years and then moved to New York where I've been for the last five years." It feels like we were all hanging out everything should still be the same and nothing is! :o) I guess we're getting old now! ;o)

Anyways, it was fun seeing everyone!

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Aunt Jess said...

can you believe your hair was ever that long? hahaha! guess i'll have my 10 year next year...