Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March...In Like a Lion!

You better sit down for this one (as if you haven't seen it on the news already!): WE GOT SNOW!! And it wasn't just the whisper of a frosting that we southerners usually call snow, either! It was real snow! Landon, of course was out playing with his friends all day long. Here are some pictures from the day. (They would have been better, but this snow was southern in one way: It had already begun disappearing by morning!) The first one is a picture of when it first started snowing. Also notice the lovely picture of the ingredients the kids were using (on the sewage drain mind you) to make SNOW CREAM (gag, retch!) and the indoor pictures of some of the neighborhood kids piled into my mom's dog cage (someone call DSS!!)

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Our area was calling for 3-5 inches and we did not get ONE SINGLE STINKING FLAKE. I was peeved.