Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings

Yippee! Hooray! Tra-la-la! (Clicking heels together) I have never, ever, ever been as excited as I am today to lose an hour of sleep! I am not kidding--After the horribly long "Fall Back" period, I am ready for more sunshine in my life. It has been so terrible having darkness roll in at five thirty because when Andy finally rolls in at 8:30, it feels like the day has gone on forever. To some people, that might be a good thing, but when you're sick (and scared of being alone--shhh!) and trying your best to entertain and care for a little boy, a couple of extra hours of daylight seems promising.

Here's to a positive change for all of us this Spring! (Cartwheel) (<---As if!)


Sharon said...

I am SO READY for more daylight, and hopefully sunshine.

I felt the same way as you when I was pregnant w/ Brennan. Pat had an hour long commute, I had no family nearby, made no friends yet, and had no car. Complications w/ the pregnancy and I was NOT happy being home alone w/ Aidan for such long days. (adding in miserable snow to that...bla).

Needless to say, we watched too much tv.

Crystal said...

Yeah, more sunshine is awesome! Although it was strange last night, just before a bad storm, looking at the clock, seeing 7-something and thinking, oh man it's time to get the boys in the back and its still so light out! At least the storm made it darker so it felt a little more "normal" LOL.
Can't wait to start enjoying more outdoor time with the boys.

Andrea said...

I am ready for more daylight but i wasn't ready to lose that hour of sleep. =)