Sunday, March 15, 2009

Definitely Andy's Son

Landon has recently decided that having people pull his finger helps him to perform his "#2's" better on the potty. He doesn't do this to be funny, whatsoever....and sadly, it seems like it really helps.
A few days ago, he told me he needed to go potty. He ran to the bathroom and worked on his business for a while with no luck. He called for my sister and when she got to him, he looked completely frustrated and put out.
"Pull my finger," he said.
"What?" answered Nancy, thinking she had heard wrong.
"Pull my finger, please", he repeated with a forlorn look on his face. What else could she do? She pulled his finger. He pooped, said "Thank you", and went on his way.
This has happened several times now.

What's a mother to do? He has backtracked a little with his potty "training" (if you can still call it that) lately and I don't want to mess up a good thing here, but COME ON!! Pulling his finger? I could clobber Andy for exposing him to that one! What happens when he goes to school and asks the teacher to pull his finger? (Something dads like Andy never seem to think about...). We took him to a preschool interview this week and I stopped him from proudly telling his trick just in the nick of time.

I can hear the teacher-to-parent phone calls now. *sigh*


Sharon said...

Preschool interview?!!! Say what?!
That should have been another blog post in itself.

Which preschool?

Wow. Maybe it's more a poop-on-command thing. Try anything else?

Jennifer said...

Dearest Canary (heh heh--Never gets old!)-We took him to POP to meet the teacher--it was us interviewing her, not so much them interviewing him. I see him getting so bored and restless at home, needing to be learning and playing and interacting all day and I feel like he's not getting that with me. I am also scared to send him off to Kindergarten and have him be behind all of the kids who went to preschool. He knows tons about the dinosaurs and about every animal on earth and all kinds of grown-up-y things, but not so much about little kid school-y things. So, we are still on the fence about what to do--that's why there was no blog post--I am way too indecisive! Coach me Veteran Mom! Tell me what to do!

Sue said...

POP!! I wish I knew, I know all the teachers. i don't plan to send jack there though. K5 yes-I hope. Mrs. Kuhn (K5) is the BEST teacher!! Will Landon go there??

Jennifer said...

Are you keeping Jack home until K5? I am so torn!!!! The teacher was nice, but the whole thing was really chaotic and I left confused about what to do :oP...You know me--I am a spazz! Anyways, I haven't even looked anywhere else and there is a waiting list (7 people) for POP.

Kim said...

Pull my finger...HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is awesome! And it sure seems to work well! Too funny...