Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men

A Robin Hood craze has hit the Pfaffl House. We watch the Disney movie. We look it up on You Tube. We're even reading the "chapter book". Landon will usually only answer me if I call him "Robin" and the rest of us have all been assigned our parts, too. Andy is the thumb-sucking Prince John ("too late to be known as John the First, he's sure to be known as John the Worst"--Appropriate, I think). My brother John is Little John. My sister Nancy is the chicken lady (none of us know her name) and I, of course, am Maid Marian (tra laaaa!). Landon walks around our house all day (Sherwood Forest, if you will) lamenting the arrows his dad threw into the fire and collecting coins from everyone to give to the poor. I'm enjoying the whole thing because, as Maid Marian, Robin Hood tells me he loves me "more than life itself" (instead of telling me I'm going to time out) and he tells me I'm a "lady of quality" (instead of telling me I'm not his mom anymore).

I am not enjoying the fact that all of my coat hangers are disappearing out of the closets, but I guess Maid Marian has to understand that Robin Hood needs his Bow and Arrow to be with him at all times! What can a lady of quality do besides cave? ;o)

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