Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day???

Do you know that on Friday the 13th of March this year our water heater that hadn't been working well for months "fixed itself" suddenly and has been fine since? Also on Friday the 13th of March Andy found $22.00 on a gas station floor and was prodded by everyone there to keep it!

It's true.

Now here we are on St. Patrick's Day, a day that's supposed to be all skipiddy-doo-dah and lucky and my poor Wittle Wan has been throwing up every hour since midnight. Yes, we are having our first battle with the "stomach flu" (probably thanks to the preschool visit, darn it. The teacher told us the kids had been dropping like flies all week--SUPER!)

This is a horrible way to spend St. Patrick's Day, but, hey! (This one's for Sharon) At least we're all wearing green! (*snicker, snicker*)


Sue said...

oh yes, stomach flu hit POP big time. Hope he feels better!

Sharon said...

Aw, hope he feels better soon! We had it in Feb. Miserable.
Regardless of the lie my sister preaches, I AM Irish. I've embraced my heritage.