Monday, November 3, 2008

This Cracked Me Up!

I found it over at the Conversion Diary Blog:

"Speaking of Halloween and elections, I think I heard about the most clever costume ever: a friend's nephew dressed in a t-shirt that said POLLSTER, and then carried an Obama bag and a McCain bag, and people could choose which one they put candy in. He evidently got a really impressive haul of candy from people who expressed their emotions about this election by dumping handfuls of goodies into their candidate's bag.

(At the lunch where this story was recounted the floodgates were opened for wry comments about the Obama supporters taking candy from his bag to give to the kids who didn't want to trick-or-treat, or McCain supporters telling him to stop asking for handouts and go earn his own candy. As you can imagine, the witticisms abounded.)"

Tell me it wasn't a brilliant idea? I am so jealous!


Sharon said...

That is clever! Great idea. Maybe next election...
So did you find out which bag gained more candy?

Jennifer said...

I don't know which bag got more candy, but I loved it that people were saying things about taking candy out of the Obama bag and putting it into the McCain bag--and about McCain supporters telling kids to quit begging--ha ha ha! I though the whole idea was awesome--Dang it! I wish I had read that before Halloween!...Although Landon NEVER would have gone for that!! Can you imagine?