Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love, Ain't it Grand?

Since Andy's and my fifth anniversary is coming up next Saturday, I thought I'd spend the week loading you up with pictures from all of our wedding hooplah! (That is if I can get them scanned & uploaded--who knows how that will go! It will probably be way out of order!) This first set of pictures was from one of the best days of my life!! My dear, dear friend, Kelly pretty much threw me my dream bridal shower.
Knowing that I desperately wanted to have our wedding at this certain venue, but couldn't (because of the size of the guest list), Kelly threw a shower for me there!! We planned for it to be a mother-daughter theme together, but the rest was a surprise...even the location! When I found out where it was going to be, I just about fell over! I think I even cried!

Walking in the door, I saw that she had decorated everything with black and white toile (my favorite fabric pattern) with pink accents. The food was delicious and the company was even better. We all sat in a circle, eating and talking about how we were all connected to each other. Each guest told the group how they knew me and why they loved me and then I stood up and talked about how much each person meant to me. We were all in tears! From the rose petals sprinkled on the tabletops to the mimosa's and iced cappuccinos we had on the back patio, every detail was totally perfect and TOTALLY "me".

The cake really said it all, didn't it?: "Love...Ain't it Grand?" I was overwhelmed by the love around me that afternoon (and I don't just mean wedding love :o). I spent that day with the kids I babysat for and the moms I had grown so close to. I was there with some of my oldest friends and their mothers who I'd grown up with (we were just missing you, Sharon! You were there in spirit!).

My mom and sister were there with me, as were my step-mom and step-sister. My grandma was there, my co-workers were there. I will never, ever forget that shower!! Thank you Kelly for loving me so much!!! (I miss you!) And thanks to all of you who were a part of that day!


Sharon said...

Aw!! I really wish I could have been there. :( (dang morning sickness...whatev-eh)
Is this the same place you had your baby shower? It's beautiful.

5 years-crazy! I still think of you two every time I hear that song. ;)
Happy (upcoming) Anniversary!!

Sue said...

Happy Annivesary-hope to see you at Zach's bday party!

Sharon said...

Btw, LOVE the header pic!!