Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Last Thing In Light of the Election

I read a very profound blog post tonight and since it really could have been written by me (someone always beats me to the punch!), I decided to post it here. I had a very hard time on election day because I really do try to see the good in everyone and everything...Not in a shiny-happy- people-holding hands kind of way...I just always have to dig beyond the surface of a story, a person, a claim to see if all the details match up before I form my opinion. I acknowledge that rumors are easy to spread and that anything we read or hear or see could be completely fabricated for one motive or another and, for that reason, I was (and still am)slow to criticize the presidential candidates. This made making a decision on who to vote for harder than it should have been.

As I wrote in the previous post, I really was touched on election night, moved by the tears and cheering. I had the same hope for America welling in my chest that everyone else had...Change seems so refreshing right now! HOWEVER, some of the changes that might take place are not ones I find to be good ones (to say the least). After the drama of election night was over, this thought washed over me again and again. I want to hop on the Obama train like everyone else seems to be, but nothing can shake the dread that has settled in the pit of my stomach, dread churned up by having a president elect who is as pro-abortion as Barack Obama is. Read this blog post by Jennifer Fuhlweiler and you might understand better where I'm coming from. Tell me what you think. It is an interesting perspective on a difficult subject.

I don't usually like to post on such controversial topics here, and I never mean to judge or offend anyone, but this one is so close to my heart that I wouldn't be representing my true self if I didn't at least mention it.

There. The elephant is out of the room! :o)

Check out the Freedom of Choice Act Here.


sunday said...

it is so very hard for me to grasp that people don't view a baby in the womb as a human. it pains my heart that anyone could think that was choice.

CMumf said...

ooh maybe I will be the only voice of opposition :-) (and you can totally not post this to comments if you don't want)

For me people should not get offended by your views on abortion. I am pro-choice but I don't want everyone to have one or feel that people are excitedly running off to clinics to not have a child. I just want women to be safe when they feel like they have to make the hardest choice in their lives.

So thats my 2 cents.... hope you are feeling better.

Jennifer said...

Connie--Of course I'll post your comment!! (Good to hear from you, by the way!!!) Trust me, you won't be the only voice of opposition on this one! PHEW! Again, I never judge people--not even people I know who've had abortions...It's not my place. The main think I hate about Obama's stance on abortion is that he supports abortion in any age, stage, or circumstance. I should post the article about the Freedom of Cjoice Act for better info--but, I mean, come on, dude--Partial birth abortion??? Infanticide? That's pretty unnecessary and uncalled for in any situation. No matter how troubled a woman might be--she could decide before giving birth, right?...*sigh* It's SUCH a hard subject!!! A few reasons I, personally, am not pro-choice is because of videos like the one at that fine line has to be drawn SOMEWHERE (I'm afraid it will keep moving and moving over time and really think we need to focus on a culture of life rather than abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, etc.)--and of course because I saw my son's heartbeat on an ultrasound at FIVE weeks!! He was trying to suck his thumb by ten. When I think about that tiny little person dying for whatever makes me so sad. I get so upset about the number of women who use abortion as some weird from of birth control--So many who aren't in bad situations like the rare rape case pregnancies--They just didn't use protection and want to get rid of the inconvenience, you knoww?

Again, I was just using the soapbox to elaborate some more. If it wasn't an issue about human life, I wouldn't even get into it...I promise you I am not a judgmental person (and I hope you can tell that when you are with me in person) It's one of the reasons I don't usually post my personal beliefs on my blog---I just felt the need to on this one--It felt like holding back my opinion was sort of like lying about who I am. I guess it's the same way you feel about being pro-choice--Like you have to stand up for the moms who are scared and hurting, right? I guess I am just trying to stand up for the babies in my little way. :o)

I hope to see you soon! (I'm going to link to your blog, if that's okay?)

Jennifer said...

Sunday--I KNOW!! Doesn't it make you sad after watching BellaRose grow inside of you? :o(

CMumf said...

Nope don't think you are judgmental at ALL, that's why I posted a comment. :-) I am in total agreement with you on the late term nonsense (even though I am sure I can find some instance where it is needed for medical reasons for the mom). Even though I am pro-choice I also think clinics should offer counciling services BUT more importantly I think there needs to be more sex-ed available. I think a lot of young people get in hormone induced situations!

I am glad you are being vocal on your views -- its important that we all have a voice on issues that are important. It is also cool that people with different opinions can have dialog without thinking less of the other. I think we as a country need more discussion.

CMumf said...

ok just saw this article so I have to add it. I love this approach to offering positive alternatives and support for women in need.