Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking it Easy With Two Pre-Schoolers Today

Taking it easy with two pre-schoolers??? Now THAT'S an oxymoron if I've ever heard one! Ha ha ha! There's always something going on with two boys in the house--Hats off to all mothers who have more than one child! ;o)
Today is our last day with Micah---I can hardly believe a week has gone by already!!! Landon is going to be so bored after Joe and Laurie come to pick up his newfound partner-in-crime!
Micah is just getting over a cold he's had all week and Landon is just catching it so we're having a slow day filled with Happy Feet and chicken soup, maybe some peppermint tea and not too much more. (My yoga-tortured body is a little grateful to be taking it easy today, to tell the truth!! Ouch!) Send up a little prayer for a mild bout of the upper respiratory stuff and a quick recovery for these boys--You never know how these things will go once they set in...(I sound like I'm on the Oregon Trail complaining about the chirrens catching typhoid fever or something--hahaha!)


Sharon said...

You got it. ;) I hope it passes quickly for you all.
Brennan has a runny nose again w/ a small cough. He seems to after e very trip to my in-laws. I'm thinking it's their dog. Bla.

Andrea said...

I hope you guys don't get the cold for long and it isn't very bad.

How fun having two little guys to run around. I was just thinking a couple of days ago how I need to have twins, a boy and a girl so my kids have someone to play with since we can't find any really good friends that are the same sex and age as my kids that are nice around here.

Andrea said...

PS) Your quite the girl at posting lately. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Andrea--Yes, I have my moments...they're just few and far betwenn--lol

PS) Yes, have twins--you're playing right into my plans!