Saturday, April 12, 2008

Andy's Alumni Game

Today we went to Andy's annual college alumni soccer game. Every year his college organizes a game for the college kids to play against the alumni--It is usually hilarious to watch. The older Andy gets, the more he huffs and puffs on the field. Every year that goes by brings new injuries to his poor beaten body. Each time I see him dive for a save, I cross my fingers and say a prayer that we don't end up in the emergency room again. Anyways, even though I spent most of the game chasing after Landon and his friend Micah (a little boy that's staying with us this week), I still had a lot of fun. We got to see people Andy went to school with and their wives/husbands and kids....I I got to hold a little four month old munchkin for a few minutes. Mmmmmm! That didn't do anything to help my baby fever, believe me! (Oh, and, by the way...Andy's old man team actually won the game! Yay, Bubs! You da man! That being said, I need to go make him an ice pack....)

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Andrea said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Jen!