Thursday, April 17, 2008

Next Wave Live Thursday

Tonight I have to give props to my brother and the people he works with at the Family Life Center International. I dragged my yoga-beaten body to their show tonight and used my mad camera skills to distract them on the air (sorry, everyone, for the standing on chairs and crawling on the floor with my camera--hee hee!). If any of you are interested in hearing their show, you can listen to it here online at 9 pm every Thursday. It's called Next Wave Live and it's a show geared toward Catholic young adults. Great show tonight, guys! You are all SO much fun to hang out with!


Nick Maimone said...

hey! Thanks so much for your comment, and for reading!

I think ur blog is really sweet too, and I like the format, pictures and idea.... You can always look back on your experiences and remember how great they were!
those are some sweet next wave live pics!

Trina said...

wow, now I am really impressed! I love Family Life International for all of the obvious reasons!