Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm On Strike

Fantasy football season hasn't even officially started this year (I have until tomorrow at six before I lose Andy's time and attention 100%--LOL), and I am already SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT! Blah!! My husband is going completely insane, calling everyone we know at all hours of the day and night, trying to "recruit" them for his team. He's been trying to convince me to play, too, and he is driving me nuts. Every time I ask him to do something, he'll say, "Play Fantasy Football and I will." It's not so much that I don't WANT to play...I just like to see him squirm! Squirm, Fluff! SQUIRM!!

My blogs during football season will probably be pretty colorful...Someone call up a marriage counselor!


Stacey said...

Ugh, just NO. A friend tried to recruit my husband this year. My husband does not know the first thing about football, or any other sport for that matter. I doubt he could name one football player, or any football team other than the Saints because for 5 months every year that's every other word out of my mouth.

Sharon said...

You mean, you won't be scoring any "touchdowns" with Andy at this time?! lol. har har har.

Gosh, Jen, wives must be submissive to their husbands. If he asks you to join him, you HAVE to!!!
(anyone reading that who doesn't know me, I am ONLY being sarcastic!)

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh... my hubby doesn't play fantasy football, but he's a hockey freak. lol
I was actually going to post about this becaues the NHL preview came out. Ahhhhhhhh! I too will lose Kurt's attention 100% during hockey season... I still have a little while.. what to do to stop hockey!?!?! Oh and the marriage couselor.. are you reading my mind!?!?! You too funny!!

Crystal said...

OH MAN! I completely forgot about this and I'm sure Jason is already planning to do Fantasy
football too! He's probably gonna be talking about and setting up his stuff when he gets home, LOL. Man, just one more thing to deal with (he's already planning to go do pratical shooting-its a sport where they shoot glocks and other small handguns at targets for fun and competition-the Sunday after he gets here, 2 days later!!!!). oh well I guess I may need that marriage counselor too, LOL!

Mike Crittenden said...

Don't bother playing. There's no way anyone will be able to beat the Critters anyway. They're pretty much awesome.

Amy said...

My husband is in a rotten mood every single Sunday when his Bengals lose... and sometimes when they win but didn't play well. AND he's got three fantasy teams going. So, I feel your pain.

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha! You guys are cracking me up! All I can say is: Sharon: He doesn't usually get to score touchdowns anyways--ha ha ha!

Andrea: Thank the lord Andy just "likes" hockey--Don't even get him started on that one! Kurt and Andy should never meet--LOL!

Stacey & Amy: I held out--no fantasy football for me! Andy's a big packers fan so he might talk some smack to you guys during football season for your Bengals/Saints allegiances ;o)

Crystal: Looking for a counselor for us to share....

Michael: Bring down the big talker, Meesh! He needs to learn a lesson in humility!