Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hanging out with Harry

We met the Lakadosch family in the strangest way: shopping at Target. Diana came up to us out of nowhere and introduced herself. We talked for awhile and went on our way. Then, we saw them again at the zoo one day on Andy's lunch break. Then we saw them at the Greek Festival downtown...Then AGAIN at Barnes and Noble, the library, an finally, at church (which was weird beacuse we live in the Bible Belt and Catholics are outnumbered.) This city isn't huge, but there are over 500,000 people living here, so seeing the same person everywhere you go is more than unusual. We decided for this reason, that we were "supposed" to be friends and have found out we actually have a lot in common. Diana and her husband, Joel, came over to our house for dinner a couple of weeks ago and then we helped the celebrate their son, Harry's, second birthday last weekend. I wanted to post pictures of these two things earlier, but I'm running late with it as usual!


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Sharon said...

You all have been BUSY!
Aidan had almost the EXACT same cake for his 2nd b-day. :)