Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hee Hee Hoooo (Lamaze Breathing)

I can hardly contain myself!!!! The Office starts back up tonight--Weeeeeeeee!!! It's about time!...CAN I GET AN AMEN FROM THE CONGREGATION?! Sharon? Anyone?


Sharon said...


I posted on this, too. lol I am so darn excited. I watch Grey's Anatomy, too. BIG NIGHT! Nothing compared to The Office, though.
Have you seen all there stuff at the dollar bin at Target?! OMG. GREAT STUFF. I want to buy it all.

PS-did you ever watch the preview video for this season? Karen said "Jim dumped my ass". I love it!

Jennifer said...

Let's see...what was it? "Jim dumped my ass and left me crying on the curb.."? I think that was it! Ha ha ha! I never did like that girl. Team Pam--Hooray!