Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a Great Day!!

We had the BEST time today helping Jack Kauffmann celebrate his second birthday! The weather was hot and sunny, allowing all of the kids to run around outside. They rode on Jack's train, took turns hitting the pinata, played "Pin the nose on Elmo", checked out all of Jack's toys (demolishing the living room!) and ate cake. Landon was so exhausted afterwards that he fell asleep as soon as we got home.

It was so great to be able to see so many members of the Sanda family (read more about them at Sharon's blog) all at the same time. I've known them all since I was eleven years old--I grew up with them and now our kids are growing up together. It is the most amazing thing to see them all playing together (and probably the closest thing I'll have to nieces and nephews for a loooooooonnnng time--LOL!) Anyways, Happy Birthday Jack! Thanks for inviting us to your party! We had so much fun!!!

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Sharon said...

That's it. I'm packing up to move back to SC NOW. Pat will just have to come visit us. ;) (I wish I could!)

This was such a sweet post. THANK YOU! I'm glad you went and had a nice time. The pictures are great. In some of them, I swear it looks as if Landon and Jack could be related! Two cute boys w/ a lot going for them..yea baby!

Thanks for being there. I feel my "spirit" was represented! ha!
I'm telling Sue to read your blog.