Thursday, September 6, 2007


GRRRRRRRRRRR!! We found out tonight that a bunch of the toys Landon has been playing with since Christmas have been recalled due to a risk of poisoning from exposure to lead paint. I am so incredibly PISSED OFF that this type of thing keeps happening and we as parents are expected to accept the generic one-size-fits-all apology from the toy companies and quietly take our new crappy replacement toys home (probably just to find out that they're toxic, too, six months from now!). Anyways, I wanted to post the link to the recall site in case this one has slipped your attention, as it did mine. They announced this in JUNE and I am just now realizing my house is LITTERED with this stuff. Fantastic.

Click here to be directed to the "Gotcha Again Crap-O Poison Toy Recall Site"


Andrea said...

These recalls are irritating me and we haven't even had any toys being recalled yet.

Kate said...

I have had a couple that I know about and my kids FLIPPED out over them being trashed. I wonder if we could sue for emotional damage.

I'm only half kidding. lol

Jennifer said...

The suing for damages thing came to mind here, too--(and only 1/2 kidding, too--LOL). Kids get so attached to their things and it is so sad for them to have to have it taken away when they don't understand why. And isn't it a huge pain to mail it all back and wait for compensation? When we're dealing with lead POISONING, they should be doing more. This could seriously hurt our children :o(