Friday, May 2, 2008


A post I read over at Housewife in Flip-Flops this afternoon inspired me to ask all of you: What celebrity do YOU look like? I am one of those people who seem to automatically assess everyone I meet to see who they look like. I have been approached multiple times by people who thought I looked either like Charlize Theron

or Katie Holmes

I've also been told I look like Kiersten Warren

And most recently (on my blog comments, actually!) Kellie Martin

Andy and I love scanning our pictures into the celebrity look-a-like game on My Space--It's hilarious to see who we look like. How about all of you? Who do you all resemble (at least in the eyes of others?) I'll go ahead and get this started by saying that Andrea kind of reminds me of Audrina Partridge from The Hills!


Stacey said...


Dang it, I've been trying to figure out who you look like for MONTHS now. You are like this chick's twin dang sister.

Crystal said...

I agree about Kiersten Warren, total look-alikes! and OMGOSH, that does look like Andrea!! Wow youre good!

Andrea said...

Wow you totally loook like Kiersten Warren and from the side Katie Holmes. Babalicious! Ha ha!

I can' think of Charlize Theron without thinking of Monster so no yu don't look like her!

As for me and this Audrina Partridge, I'll take it. She's pretty! =) I've never really been told I looked like anyone famous utnil you told me. Thanks! =)

Sharon said...

I think you look most like Katie Holmes here. :)

My sil thinks I look like Kirsten Dunst, but I don't see it. My friend's brother used to say I looked like Jewel. Again, can't say I agree.

I agree that you're dead on for Andrea's match. Nice! Now do more of us. ;)

Photog-Mama said...

I can't say I look like any one. Although, this is embarassing I will admit that I did one of those facial recognition things and it gave me back Rod Stewart... I seriously cried...

Do I look like him?

Oh, and I saw a lady in Old Navy that looked just like Sandra Bullock...she was SO kind when I told her that and she said she has people approach her when she travels. She took it as a compliment...I love Sandra.

Mandy said...

I am a little late to comment here...but GEEZ! You really DO look like Kiersten Warren!!