Friday, May 23, 2008

Congratulations Anna!!

I am sooooo proud of my step-sister, Anna because not only is she graduating next weekend from the Savanna College of Art and Design, she also totally ROCKED the senior fashion show and had her amazing work viewed by John Galliano!!! For those of you who are not as obsessed with the fashion world as I can sometimes be, this is a HUGE deal!! Anyways, congratulations to my beautiful and talented sister from another mister ;o)....I cannot WAIT to talk you into auditioning for Project Runway! Then when you make it to the final three, remember the drill: We live together. Bring Tim Gunn to "our" (Wink!) house. Got it? Great. Now go and be a huge success like I know you will!
Oh, and can you please tell me where you got those giant socks? I think I'm in love!


Anonymous said...

She said John Galliano didn't show up. Punk! :(

mikey c

Jennifer said...

Michael--He didn't show up?! SERIOUSLY?! That SUCKS! Did they wind up with a replacement? Boo to John Galliano! :oP

Photog-Mama said...

Congrats, Anna!

OJ, Other Jennifer, (I love saying that)...I am sorry about the blog design thing. Been VERY busy but am going to get back started later this week!

Where is your list of 100????

Andrea said...

Congrats Anna! And I will so take some of those socks as well. Too Cute! You should see my new shoes I got - Ooohh and leggin's to go with this long sweater dress/shirt thing. I can't wait to wear it. Hey and I finally went into Ann Taylor Loft that you talk about. That place does have awesome stuff - all i got was a cute headband though. I was spending moolah money at newyork co. Everything was like $9.