Tuesday, November 20, 2007


What are you all up to for the Thanks-
giving holiday this year? We are, of course, going to be running wild all weekend, trying to split time between siblings and parents, step-family and in-laws. We always say that "next year" we're going to slow down, pick ONE place to go to and then switch where we spend Thanksgiving the following year...but when the next Turkey Day rolls around, we can't bear the thought of not seeing everyone humanly possible.
Sooo...this year we are beginning Thanksgiving by eating lunch at my Grandma's house with all of my mom's family. After we're sufficiently stuffed to the gills with my Grandma's amazing (fat covered, calorie laden, gravy-drenched) southern-style cooking, we're heading out to my dad's house with all of my siblings (and their significant others). I'm especially excited to go there this year because Michael's mom is going to be joining us for the first time (Yay!) and my step-brother and his wife will be in town from Texas for the last time before Frank goes to Iraq. We'll leave my dad's house (probably ready to blow up...) and drive an hour and a half to Columbia to spend the night at Andy's parents' house--There, Landon will be spoiled rotten and Andy and I will gain ten more pounds. Good times. Are any of you planning on shopping with the crazies at the crack of dawn on Friday? Andy's sister tried to convince me to join her, my mother-in-law, and her grandma to go shopping at 5:00 am and, even though that sounded like SUCH a pleasant hour to brave crowds and parking lot traffic, I politely declined. (Maybe next year, guys!) I complain about not getting enough sleep as it is. I'm not giving up those few precious hours for all the sale racks in the world! I guess that means I'll be whining about all of the last minute shopping I have to do on Christmas Eve. Bah Humbug! I doubt I'll enjoy the crowds and traffic any better then, no matter what time of day it is! Ha ha!


Andrea said...

Great pictures! LOL!

I know what you mean about not running around so much, but then you end up doing it. Yes, that is us totally. This year we head to my parents house (hopefully most of my family will be there) and my g&g will be there from my dad's side of the family.
Then we will head to kurt's grandpa's were his dad's entire side of the family (hopefully will still be there) is supposed to be. I'm hoping to make it home by seven for survivor - we don't have DVR and our VCR is broken so ...

Then sunday we will go to his mom's side of the family which is an hour drive. Not much running around compared to Christmas.

I wouldn't brave the crowds either. I'd probably run someone over.

Have a great one! Andrea

Sharon said...

Have a great time! I did the Black Friday shopping a few times. I only like it w/ no kids. lol Next year I'll prob. go, but more stores are having similar sales before then now anyway, SO...I don't blame you for sleeping instead! ;)

Have a great holiday. We miss Landon so much and can't wait to see him! Gobble him up for me! ;)