Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Anniversary

Andy and I thought we were soooo smart when we picked the date for our wedding. "Just between Thanksgiving and Christmas! How perfect!" we said. It is so perfect that we never, EVER have extra money for our anniversary! Yay for us! We always want to use every penny for all of the fabulous Christmas presents we want to buy....and every year, the list gets longer and longer. This year was no exception. Andy painted our living room for me last weekend as an anniversary present (my request) so I thought we were destined to sit around the house for the duration of our fourth anniversary watching old reruns of The Office and playing with Legos, but it actually turned out to be much better than that. My husband (who is famous for, "less than romantic" on most special occasions, bless his heart) had a really sweet surprise in store for me. When he got home from work, he said he was going to take Landon upstairs to play. They called me up a few minutes later and when I got upstairs, I saw that Andy had a dvd playing on the tv. He had made a slideshow for me of our whole relationship displaying pictures from the summer of 2002 when we met, through wedding preparations (including some pictures from our wedding of me dancing with my Grandma right before she died) and our honeymoon...through family holidays and the birth of our son. It was awesome! It cracked me up because he had picked out some of the WORST pictures of me that he could possibly find (in one, my eyes were actually rolling back in my head...another was a very unflattering picture of me bending over in a bikini right after giving birth. Nice). He tried so hard to put it together and surprise me that the look on his face while he was giving it to me was worth more to me than the gift. It was so cute that I even bit my tongue about the terrible pictures--Hee hee!

I had decided awhile ago that we shouldn't go out to an expensive dinner right before Christmas shopping, so we were planning to eat at home...BUT!...we somehow (A little wink from God, perhaps?) received a gift certificate for $45 to Carabba's this afternoon in the mail (they sent it to make up for a mistake in a take out order from a couple of weeks ago!) So, we ordered tons of great food and had a delicious dinner for our anniversary in the comfort of our own home, joined by the best thing that has come out of our marriage: Landon! It was so much fun!After the dvd was watched and the food was eaten, I "let" Andy go to my sister's house to watch some of the Green Bay game. Yes, my friends, to my husband, that is romance.
So, I guess the plan is to go to the Grove Park Inn and the Biltmore Estate NEXT year! (We've officially been saying that for four years now! :o)


Sharon said...

Aw, what a perfect anniversary!
Greenville has changed so much. I don't know many of the restaurants or shops you've referenced to in your past 2 posts. :~?

So uh, can I see the dvd then in THREE weeks when we're there?! Please?!!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a great day even without lots of money to do something extravagant. I think the little things are always the best, anyway! And I know what it's like to have a husband who's a little "less-than-romantic"...but isn't it SO true that when they do decide to do something sweet, it blows you away!

Andrea said...

How sweet and that was great of Andy! =) Happy Anniversay again. We have celebrated all of our Anniversary's with at least one of your babes! Love ya, Andrea