Friday, February 6, 2009

RESULTS!!!...(But I can't have them yet)

My functional medicine guy called this afternoon and said MY RESULTS ARE IN!! I can't get them until Tuesday of next week, though, so it's going to be quite a weekend, being sick and waiting...I decided to hold off taking the Florinef until I get my other test results. I called my PCP's office to talk to the doctor about waiting to take it until I knew whether or not I have a systemic fungal infection (a contraindication). The nurse wouldn't let me talk to the doctor and seemed unsure about what to tell me. She said that it'd be dangerous to wait before telling me she wasn't sure if it was more dangerous to try the drug. Then she went on to say I better start it because that's what the doctor originally told me to do before saying to do what I felt was right. *sigh* I'm following my gut on this one (and hoping my gut is in better shape than the rest of me!)

So, I'll keep you posted! :o)

(Sorry to talk about nothing but my health for days on end :oP--I am kind of swamped in all of it right now.)

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Andrea said...

I'm sorry Jen I haven't been very good at writing you back or commenting. You know I've been praying for you and always read your updates. Hugs.