Friday, February 6, 2009

In the thick of it

I talked to my doctor's office a couple of days ago and have been a nervous wreck ever since. The results of the blood pressure monitor were no surprise--my blood pressure dives dangerously low, especially while I'm sleeping and my pulse goes right with it. They told me they were calling in a prescription for a drug called Florinef (click on the link and browse a little if you really want to feel my anxiety) to bring my blood pressure up. I knew a little about this drug from researching adrenal issues like Addison's Disease (something I could possibly have, something that hasn't been tested for, something this drug treats specifically) and let's just say, I knew before looking that it's not like popping an Advil.

I love this doctor so far, but my other two doctors have e-mailed me saying that this drug should not be administered without proper (and specific) diagnosis. They didn't think I should take it based on low blood pressure alone. So, I'm stuck again. My "functional medicine guy" told me he's expecting results from the lab any minute now and asked me to please wait to start therapy until we could get to the root of the problem.

Meanwhile, I am at home (not alone this time, thank God! Andy's off today), afraid to spend another night with fainting spells, wondering if my blood pressure will dip too dangerously low and land me in the hospital (or worse), not understanding why it's happening in the first place...

This morning, I got my journal out and just started writing prayers. I asked God to take care of my doctors and give them wisdom. I asked Him to strengthen me and lead me through this. I asked for answers to come soon, but, most of all, I asked for peace of mind. The worst part about all of this (besides the obvious physical symptoms) is the fear and uncertainty that goes along with the process...The responsibility I have for making my own decisions regarding my health is a big one and it is overwhelming me lately.

Please keep the prayers coming.

If this gets fixed, I will know beyond the shadow of a doubt who fixed it. THAT, I know for sure!

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Crystal said...

Praying for you Jen. Keep us updated.