Saturday, July 19, 2008

Andy's Results Are In!

Almost everyone has been told at some time or another that they look like a celebrity. I can usually find someone to compare everyone I meet to! (Check out my "Celebrity Look-A-Likes" here, Sharon's and Patrick's here, Andrea's and Kurt's here) I just completed my professional analysis ;oP of Andy...Here are the results:

Chris Burke:

(Two people have told him this on random occasions--Today we checked it out and those people were RIGHT!! These two could totally be brothers! Does everyone remember Corky from Life Goes On? I used to love that show!)

Macaulay Culkin:

(He gets this all the time!)

Kevin Bacon:

(Seriously, watch a Kevin Bacon film and you won't be able to miss the resemblance!!)

Freddie Prinze Jr:

(Look past the dark hair)


Crystal said...

ok so now it's my turn. I will post after I say my night prayers, lol. Doing a novena to St Ann since its Ss Joachim and Ann's feast day the 26th and St Ann is my patron (confirmation) Saint.

Jennifer said...

Crystal--She's my patron, too! (Ann is my middle name :o)

Sue said...

I think Kevin & Freddie are very cute.

Andrea said...

LoL!! CORKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Love it.. loved the show!!!