Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Latest Favorite Dinner

Angel Hair Pasta Chicken

This is a really great dish when you want something simple, light and healthy for dinner...and its an easy recipe to adjust to your taste. (I, of course, add extra EVERYTHING!) Its even approved by Landon, which is a miracle of miracles these days. I'm surprised the child hasn't wasted away yet!

Check out the recipe here.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the recipe link.
We'll have to try this soon.

PS-where do you buy your chicken, and any specific brand? I've been disappointed w/ our chicken lately. :(

Jennifer said...

Okay, you had to go and ask the "Food Weirdo" a question! I'll divulge, just because I love you! I am pretty strict about meat and dairy around here (I can furnish web links to back this up as per request ;o)...hee hee!)...We try to only buy natural or organic chicken whenever possible--usually at the Fresh Market, Whole Foods or Publix (we also like their ground turkey to substitute hamburger in recipes). I know its more expensive, but its definitely worth it in the long run. We figure that if we scrimp and save, it'll be in a less important area. That's all I got for now--Did I represent Food Weirdos well enough this afternoon? ;oP

Sharon said...

I don't think it's weird.
Every Thursday Perrysburg has its Farmers Market downtown, and we go & buy locally grown ninety-SIX percent lean ground beef, grass-fed only. It's like no other ground beef we've tried, not to mention the only cut approved by the AHA-being as lean as ground turkey.
I love it knowing it's free of hormones, etc.

I wish they offered chicken there! I've not had the best of luck buying chicken, BUT...we're getting a Fresh Market opening here in September!! :)

Andrea said...

Please Sir, Could I have the recipe? YUMMY!!!!