Friday, June 20, 2008

Who Am I Anyway???

Something has been bugging me lately....I don't know how in the world to introduce myself anymore!! Anyone who grew up with me probably calls me "Jenny"....(except my little brother who calls me "Jennifer" and my little sister who calls me "Jen"). When I switched from a little private middle school to a big public high school, I got sick of telling everyone to call me "Jenny" so people who met me during high school or college know me as "Jennifer" (except those who became close to my family or old friends from childhood over the years...they call me Jenny"...see the confusion?). When I meet someone new, I have to rack my brain for the people who connect us and then decide in half a second what to call myself. Its been bad enough taking on a whole new last name...can't I at least get a break with my first name? Maybe I should revert back to being strictly "Jenny" and throw everyone (including my husband who has never once called me that) a big curve ball? Or I could go with the infamous Forrest Gump nickname of "Jen-nay" ("You can sit hee-uh if you want to, Jen-nay") that has never quite gone away since the movie came out FOURTEEN YEARS AGO (I mean COME ON people!). Or I could use this opportunity to completely change things up and go with something that would really get some tongues flapping like "Busty Hart" from Stacey's blog (or "Misty Mounds...hee hee hee--either way, I soooo miss the mark with that one!)....Hmm...its food for thought!


Stacey said...

I never know who knows Drew as Andrew and who knows him as Drew. I've always known him as Drew, but when he moved to California, he started introducing himself as Andrew, so when I called him Drew, people were all "buh?"

Jennifer said...

Exactly the feeling: "Buh?"

And I did this to my poor kid by naming him JOHN Landon Pfaffl. Now we'll be sitting in the doctor's office and they'll call "John?" about ten times before we realize that's us!

Me: "Buh!" :oD

Mandy said...

I, too, have been living that double life. I grew up in the Catholic school system as Amanda, but my family called me Mandy. Then, when I moved south with my family, I became Mandy at school because there were like a million Amandas in my class. So, I suppose I am forever Mandy. I think it suits me more anyway. The funny thing is my mom has always called me Jane. And this is from the woman who named me Amanda!!

Sharon said...

I say you start a new name:

"Waffle. MISS Waffle, if your nasty."

Or, combine it all, and go by:

Why not?

Sharon said...

Oh, and for Andy, it should easy. The name he calls you should just be "BOSS". That's what I tell Pat to call me. ;)

Andrea said...

i think I'm going to go with Jen-nay for now on!!!!! Hee, hee!