Friday, June 13, 2008

Ohhhhh LAWD!

As if I didn't have enough to worry about right now......Tonight Andy and I took Landon with us to have dinner with three other (childless) couples at my friend's house (nice house with nice things, a-hem!) I left Landon alone at one point so that I could run to the bathroom (bad move, I know...Where were you when I needed you? C'mon, people!) and when I got back to the room less than a minute later, I was horrified to see that he had colored all over one of their light colored sofa cushions with a bright pink highlighter pen. Oh yes he did! And all of this right after I got him in trouble for sneaking away with a black marker (still not sure where he found that little sucker!) and coloring all over his whole body (and Cars Band-Aid) while I was talking on the phone (to the couch owner friend, actually--Great.) Landon. Give me a break, man. As for Shannon....woman, please have kids soon. PLEASE!


Mandy said...

OH crap! That sounds like something that would go down around here!! Here's to three year olds! Ha!

Sharon said...

As for Shannon....woman, please have kids soon. PLEASE!
I'm just cracking up! I'm surprised at her tolerance considering she has a few younger siblings. lol

Do you ever just sit back and laugh ahead, thinking of the day when she actually DOES have a kid, and enjoy that rude awakening that will hit her?!

Andrea said...

Yikes!! I would've freaked out.

Jennifer said...

Sharon--Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh, I must have come across in the wrong way by accident! Shannon was actually really really nice about it--She was going on about how much she didn't like her couch--how old it was, etc. and to not worry....but it was her perspective on Landon's behavior that I was worried about (and my parenting!)...That's why I was saying I hope she has kids soon. I was so embarrassed that I just wanted her to "understand"--I didn't want it to sound like she was being terrible about the whole thing when she was really waaay too nice--It was mortifying!!!