Saturday, January 26, 2008

One More Thing...

Add this as my #8 on the "Random Things About Me" Meme:

"I get embarassed when I watch the talent portion of the Miss America pageants." (I literally laugh hysterically until I cry and can't ever seem to turn the channel.) Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Miss Michigan? And spaghetti arms? Really? Simon Cowell, where are you for this one? He really should sign up to be one of the judges next year!

PS) The "new and improved" Miss America pageant WAS admittedly better than usual.

PPS) Did anyone else watch this? I want my next hair cut to be Miss Utah's! (Diagonal forward with short bangs) :o) I'll be G.I. Jenny! Hoo RAAHHH!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

I have to watch a rerun. I LOVE Miss American pageant.