Saturday, January 26, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

We've been teaching him all about good manners, especially about not interrupting people when they're talking. So...anytime we're having boring adult conversations, he always chimes in, "Esstuze My In Erection!" (Excuse the Interruption) until we stop talking. It cracks us up!

For some reason, "erection" has been a big word for him lately. (Hey, at least it's making good stories for his future prom dates!). We were watching the Packers play last week at Andy's parents' house and Brett Favre ended the game by throwing an interception. Andy and his dad were yelling things like "NOOOO! An interception!!" So, to be like the big guys, (in front of about twenty football fans), my lovely son puts his hands over his eyes, throws his head back and yells, "OH NO! An erection!!!" I tried to correct him, but he couldn't ever seem to remember the word "interception". We were rolling on the floor laughing! Later that night, Landon was drawing pictures of the football game and when my mother-in-law asked him what he was drawing, he said, "This is Brett Favre and this is the uniform and this is the helmet." He kept drawing quietly, so I said, "And what is that, Sweetie?"...You guessed it: "It's an erection."


Sharon said...

2 year old w/ am erection.
I've seen it happen. ;)

Jennifer said...

Oh, good Lord, I see it just about every day. Seriously. My life is so not what I imagined it would be. Ha ha ha ha!

Andrea said...


I had to share this with Kurt.