Wednesday, May 2, 2007

One Step Closer to Crazy

We almost made it to a portrait session with no bumps or bruises!! ALMOST! I waited through the split lip that came from a nasty spill during a kitchen soccer tournament. Then I waited through the huge scrapes that stretched from Landon's wrists to his elbows (courtesy of the stone wall at a park downtown that my little Evil Kneevil tried to scale)....I was finally going to get to take Landon to the photographer in the cute little Easter outfit he never got to wear (it was fifty degrees in S.C. on Easter this year and shorts--even though they were EXPENSIVE shorts--didn't quite cut it!)...when he fell yet again and a giant purple bruise formed on his forehead! Today, we topped off the list with one more bloody lip (no more socks in the kitchen!). My child is covered from head to toe in scratches and spots 90% of the time! (I'm going to be accused of child abuse any moment now!)
Landon is the stereotypical boy, running and jumping and climbing--throwing and kicking and digging from the moment he wakes up in the morning until he finally peters out of energy at the end of a loooong day. I chase him--I grab things before they fall on him--I get to him in the nick of time before keys go into sockets and fingers go into fans. My heart jumps out of my chest fifty times a day and I grow more and more amazed by people who raise families FULL of children without totally losing their minds. As much as the heartache and constant worry and work scare me though, I still find myself hoping that I will be one step closer to crazy, trying ever harder to get a whole brood of bruise-free children to our photographer for a Pfaffl family portrait. :o)

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Sharon said...

A whole brood? :)
Are you hinting at anything????

It's nice to see a picture. You both look great, as always. What's the secret, huh? :)