Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday John Landon Pfaffl!

This is an old post I wrote on May 22nd, 2007:

Two years have gone by....TWO YEARS....One year ago today, my little munchkin walked across our living room for the first time....And one year before that day, I held him for the first time. On Landon's first birthday, we took a picture of him at 2:04 pm (the time he was born). This year, I decided to make a tradition of it and we did the same thing.

It's so amazing to see how much he's changed over the last two years...and equally as amazing to see how much I have changed over the last two years! Before Landon came along, all I could think about was what I could be to prove to the world how smart and talented I was. I thought this permanent little figure would appear...and that my life as I knew it would come to a screetching halt. I listened to too many people who told me I would lose my sense of purpose after giving up the dreams of a big career to have a baby. What I didn't know was that Landon would become my purpose...not because it "HAD" to be that way, but because I wouldn't ever consider it being any other way if given the choice. I didn't know that looking at him would be like that amazing feeling of falling in love over and over and over. Instead of proving to a harsh and uncaring world that I am great, I gave birth to this tiny person who thinks, even on my bad days, that I am greater than I could ever possibly be. Not only is my child my world, he has helped me to learn ways to make this world a better place. I love my "new" life in a way that totally surprises me and I have a more clear sense of "self" than I've ever had. He is a ray of sunshine and makes every day more beautiful. Happy Birthday to my "baby"!!!


Kim said...

Oh, Happy 2nd, Landon!

I loved this post...it's so true that the arrival of our babies brings a sense of enormous purpose to our lives that make our pre-child lives seem so purpose-LESS!

Happy to see you back in Blogland :)

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you posted again! I've missed you!And what a rgeat comeback post. ;) Landon is such a wonderful kid. I can't wait to see him next month!