Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Chicken Soup

We were on our way to dinner the other night when we ran into Andy's boss. He was with his wife and their adorable son, William. We stopped to say hello and began the "Baby Comparing and Cute Tricks Extravaganza": "Mine can do this!" "Can yours do that?" "Say this, Landon!" "Do that, William." Our boys are only two months apart so we always love to see how similar they are.....(and by that, I mean: Andy likes to show off and brag). After this had gone on for a while, Andy's boss told us that William had been sick with an upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis. I could almost hear the record-screetch-sound-effect: "Vvvreeeeeet!!" My mom radar went up, "Sick kid! Sick kid!!" I tried to nonchalantly pry Landon from his buddy before the germs could transfer, but alas, it was too late. Within a couple of days, Landon, too, was sick.(See where bragging gets you, Andy?) ;o)

Our whole dynamic changes around here when Landon gets sick...And of course I worry too much and turn any common cold into pneumonia (or worse!). Because we don't vaccinate him, I always think he's catching something we could have "prevented". It's exhausting being me! :o) I hate giving medications that only temporarily fix the problem and putting him through pointless doctor's visits where they tell you it's just a virus and send you out $75 poorer....so, instead, we just try to slow things down at home. We don't run errands or go places. I don't worry about cleaning or making phone calls or sending out e-mails. I have even made a habit of cooking a big pot of chicken soup when any of us starts to get sick. (Landon has started asking for it now when he's feeling bad!) I make everything from scratch and LOAD it up with tons of garlic (nature's antibiotic!), onions, carrots, celery and egg noodles. Landon and I curl up all day on the couch, eating soup and reading books--watching t.v. and coloring pictures. I give him warm apple juice with lemon juice squeezed into it (you would be amazed at how much this mixture eases a sore throat!) and I can see him feeling better within a few hours!

It's amazing to me what a difference a little time, attention, and good old chicken soup can make! And I love knowing that I (ME! Deer-in-the-headlights-ME!) can help him feel better. It feels fantastic to hear him (the toddler who never seems to want to eat ANYTHING lately!) saying, "Mmm...Good chicken soup!" bite after bite after mommy-made bite! I watch him sitting against his pillow on the couch, snuggling into his favorite blanket--juice cup in hand--and I hold him and kiss him and tell him Mommy will make it better--He looks trustingly up at me believing every word of it, and for the moment...I do too.

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