Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three Babies

After reading this post today on my friend Andrea's blog,I felt the need to tell a classic Andy story...So,everyone cozy up with hot chocolate and a warm blanket and prepare to say "You married him!":

Once upon a time (a few days ago), my dear husband was being sneaky (and mean) and trying to shoot my brother-in-law with Landon's biggest dart gun over our stair case. Juuuuuust as he was gloating from a direct hit, his foot slipped and all 200 pounds of my gloating husband rolled right down the stairs. (Admit it, Sharon, you love it as much as I did!) Alas, our story does not have the happy ending one would expect from watching a gloating 6'3" man tumble helplessly down a flight of stairs......

Andy's no spring chicken and so of course he threw his back out (a rather convenient complaint when there are chubby babies to be changed and big brothers to be entertained and meals to be cooked and rooms to be cleaned). All of the aches and pains I had been ignoring for weeks just to make it through our hectic new schedule (read: broken tailbone, stitches, abs that had been stretched to their limit and then suddenly let go, boobs that felt like they were about to fall off...) were forgotten by my husband as he dramatically limped around the house, wincing and holding his back gingerly for days. *sigh*

As they say: "No rest for the weary"....I have 3 babies now! ;o)


Andrea said...

LOL! Poor Andy. :)

I LOVE your pictures - you are seriously beautiful.. cover girl model! ;)

Andrea said...

PS. How do you nurse in all those fashionable clothes???

Jessica said...

you tell the best stories. :)