Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This is the set of Sweet Heart beads that's hanging on our fireplace

Landon worked so hard on Valentines for his little buddies!

Here is the finished product!

And here are Landon and Daddy delivering them to the kids in the neighborhood

Landon reading his Valentine's mail

(And stashing his Valentine's money from Aidan, Grandma & Grandpa and Aunt Laura in his cash register)

THIS is the dessert Landon told me he was going to bake for me for Valentine's Day ;o)

And then he did! Mmm Mmm! Deee-LISH!

Yup--Just like the picture in the recipe book!!

This is the giant cookie we bought for Daddy

Here's Landon surprising Daddy at his office with his giant cookie and a card (oh and some trashy coupons--Shh!)

This is the flower pot Landon and I put together for my mom

Landon and my mom exchanging Valentine's gifts

Landon loving his new teddy bear

Later, Andy surprised me by bringing home food from my favorite restaurant. (Then he flipped through the coupon book I gave to him, showing me about ten reasons why I should have read the entire thing before buying it...maybe I'll put an expiration date on TOMORROW!!!)


~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Jen ~ You have been tagged!
If you would like to take part in the fun, go to my Blog @ My Musing and read the 'rules'...
It's all in fun! ~ Jenn.
PS ~ I myself got 'tagged' awhile ago, but it took some time for the post to 'take'...
PPS ~ Landon gets cuter every time I see him! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Andrea said...

Romantic Coupons huh? SOme romance at the Pfaffl house.. ha ha ha!

LOved the pictures. Landen LOVED his present from Landon. I felt like a dork sending you guys sometime so simple. I guess I'm a big LOSER. Hee hee! Glad you guys had a great and fun day.

Jennifer said...

No WAY, you aren't a loser at all!!!!!!!!!! Landon was ECSTATIC just to get something in the mail--Add "Light-neem Tween" to the package and you have made his day! Thank you so much for sending him a Valentine!!! (We are creating pen pals with the next generation to carry on our legacy! Ha ha ha!) (Hooray for fake friends!)

Andrea said...

I guess I won't go around with a bit L on my head. Nothing like picking your kids friends huh? Someone's gotta do it. Hee hee!!!!! I'm glad he liked Lightening McQueen... Landen likes to go KACHOW and close one eye and if you don't do it just right you get told. Ha ha!!!!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha! Yeah, Landon runs around saying, "I'm faster than fast! Quicker than quick! I AM SPEED! Ka-Chow!" The Ka Chow sounds like, "Cheh-chow!" when he says it--ha ha ha! He also pretends like we're Dinoco King when we're driving (our SUV is blue) and he tells us which cars are Lightning (any red ones), which are Chick Hicks (any green ones), etc...And he loves chasing me around the house and saying, "I've been chasing that tail fin my whole career." (Career="Ta-reer") :o)