Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Ornaments

We all have ornaments that are sentimental hanging on our tree. I thought it would be cool to post pictures of the ones that mean the most to our family. You guys should, too!
This ornament was a gift from Andy's parents. I've always loved these little family ornaments, but this one is the first one on my tree that hasn't included my parents and siblings. It really makes our tree feel like "Our Tree".

This one is a big reminder of how crazy I was during the last few weeks before my wedding. I actually thought it'd be a really great idea to HAND PAINT three hundred Christmas ornaments to hang on a tree at our reception as favors for the guests. Say no more, I was a little nutty. I had to post this one because, not only is this the one ornament my husband insists on hanging every year, it describes him to a "T". A soccer ball with a crown on top and a star underneath. Keep dreaming, my love! ;oD
I posted these for my little monkey. I had to redo the whole tree after he went to bed because he hung all of his favorite ornaments in one little clump at the very bottom of the tree. These two are his favorites: One is a Triceratops(oh, pardon moi, Landon has informed me it is a Protoceratops--It's so fun to be schooled by a two-year-old!)and the other is Swiper the fox (from a set he picked out at Target). I'll post some more later, when we get them all put up.


Anita said...

Guess what...I took one of those ornaments home from your wedding and it's hanging on our tree right now, so all of that hard work didn't go to waste! :-)

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha, Anita! You really have one? That actually makes me feel better--But you can attest to how nutty I was with or without the ornaments, right? LOL!

Anita said...

I'm a sucker for freebies! ;-)

Sharon said...

I just might do as you suggested-post some of our ornament pics, too. what a fun one!

That soccer one made me laugh. It seems so fitting for your tree.
And that family one is cute (2nd picture). Looks nice!

We've already bought 4 new ornaments this year...

Andrea said...

Oh I love all your ornaments! We all get a new one each year from Kurt's parents, and we're going to buy a family one each year and one for each of the children. Kind of like a tradition I guess! I don't know of any that are super sentimental but I'll try to post some today maybe. Cute idea.

I had to laugh at the soccer one, we have several "hockey" ones. LOL!

I think you might have been a little nutty painting ornaments for your wedding guests. I like the idea though. Great post.

Rebecca said...

Surprise surprise surprise! It's Rebecca Madden in Illinois and I was goggling your home address hoping to send you a Christmas newsletter when I stumbed upon your blog. Ain't technology grand?
Except that I still can't find your
address. Could you email me your info? My email is!
Landon is adorable! Love, R

Kate said...

Oh my STARS!!!!!!!!! 300!!!! And your arms didn't fall off? LOL! At least you did something very meaningful and no one will ever forget their favors :0)

I love your tree, so pretty! Your house looks very warm and inviting. I'm trying to figure out how to do that with mine. LOL!!