Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I want to complain, but I just can't...

(Disclaimer: Excuse the smear of goo on my car thermometer--I am constantly peeling animal stickers off of everything we own!)I have to laugh at this weather because Andrea has been talking about the ice storm they're having in Illinois. We have been having weather in the 70's and 80's so far this week and I have to say, we have been having a blast!!! Sure, it's a little weird to be raking giant piles of leaves in shorts...and even weirder to drive with the windows down at night looking at everyone's Christmas lights...but it has been so NICE outside that I just can't bring myself to complain. Landon and I have been to the zoo to see the new giraffes and lions. I also took him to the public horse stable and to the dog park downtown. We never feel like doing all of these fun outdoor things when it's cold! So, yeah, global warming is scary as crap, but I am southern to the core. I do like the one day a year when a few snow flurries threaten to fall and the whole city pretty much shuts down, though. There are over 600,000 people in this city and I swear almost every single one, young and old, skips out on work or school at the first sign of snow. Bread and milk disappear from the store shelves. Businesses close (under the excuse that the roads could get dangerous--ha ha!) just so people can go home and enjoy the few little snowflakes that drift through town once a year for about three minutes. Yes, it can get a little melodramatic, but I have my bread and milk, so I'm all set. Pat Conroy said it best in Beach Music: "Southerners love snow. It always surprises us." So true. I'll still stop everything like everyone else to try to scrape up a tiny snowman from the slush when our snow day comes this year....I always do. But for now, I am really enjoying being able to walk out to my car more than two slow inches at a time (I can't even function in the cold! I just shuffle around like an old lady or curl up in a ball and wait for it to go away). I love being outside with Landon surrounded by a mild breeze, my ghastly white (unshaved...Shhh!) "winter legs" gleaming in the sun, blinding all the neighbors. I think, "Wow, it's December!" and feel like I'm getting away with something really sneaky. Warm weather at Christmas--So wrong and yet oh-so-right! Ahhh, the upside of pollution! (Well, I'll get away with calling it the "upside" until global warming decides to snatch away my annual snow day! Hmph!)


Tina said...

Jenn, You should see it here. We've had freezing temperatures for about a month now. Last Monday we had almost 10 inches of snow. Since then we've had smaller flurries of between 1 and 4 inches accumulation. Today should be pretty warm at around 20F. A couple days ago we woke up to -3F. And I have to say that this year I am loving it! The kids can put on their own mittens (and keep them on). They can put on their own boots, and Sam is eating the snow off his boots while we're in the car only once in a while. After the kids are in bed, I go out and shovel the walk so that John doesn't have to walk through the snow in the his good shoes. And it is so quiet and peaceful. After Christmas we're going to my aunts house which is north of Montreal. They always have huge amounts of snow. Like up to our hips.

I read a really good saying a couple of weeks ago.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

I had to laugh when I read your entry. It is such a little snap shot of your life. Lovely. I'm going to buy a toboggan this year and we are going to spend ALOT of time outside. I'll have to send a picture.

Sharon said...

It would be a nice break from taking FOREVER to leave the house, w/ having to bundle everyone up & everything! I look forward to slightly warmer weather, but I'm hoping for nothing over 50-55. That's just too warm right now. lol I don't wanna shave! ;)
Btw, one week from tomorrow we leave!! We're so excited to see you guys!

Kim said...

Now it's my turn to be jealous :) All summer I was just waiting for the cold weather to get here, and now I would give anything for the heat. We're getting severe house-a-tosis with not being able to go outside and play and enjoy the warmth of the sun. And oh how I hate getting ready to go anywhere, with the shoes (we go out barefoot in the summer...or at the very least in flip flops!), and coats, and hats...they very idea of going someplace is daunting. Send some of that heat up our way and I'll try to send some snow flurries down to you :)

Jennifer said...

Kim--It's a deal! I'll send my warmth your way, but not for a couple more days...Today is gorgeous again! Read Tina's comment--You'll love the quote about weather! :o)

Sharon--No WAY is it only a week away!!! Baaaaaahhhhhhhhh! I am so excited--Christmas is coming early for this year! We miss you guys so much!

Faustina--I am so excited to hear from you! I have been wondering how you were doing! E-mail me soon with a good, long update! I loved the comment about there not being bad weather, just bad clothes--It's so true! I know this b/c the other day I borrowed a long coat from my mom on a cold night out. Andy was freezing in short sleeves and asked me why I wasn't paralyzed like usual in the cold and I realized that with the weather being so back and forth, up and down, I never dress appropriately. I don't even own any big coats right now--Maybe I should get a clue! I'd probably be excited for cold weather if I bundled myself up as much as I bundle Landon up! :oP

Andrea said...


Do you seriously want me to come over there and strangle you? Ha ha! I was watching the weather channel - (my Dear Friend in bad weather) and saw that you southerners are having 20 some degrees above normal temps. I said out loud - I am moving there someday! I'm totally serious! I am very jealous of your weather, and your shorts, your t-shirts. I'm sitting here ready for another pair of socks, a fleece over my shirt and have my children in blankets. It's not even below zero. I HATE WINTER!

LoL - gotta love "winter legs" but I'll shave everyday for the rest of my life to just have the warmth you are having. I'm SOOOO jealous. Can I become a southern? Oh and by the way.. do you have an accent? I'll take that too. Ha ha!

PS. I swear you posted this to make me jealous. Great pictures and I wanna go to the zoo. =)

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

hi Jen!
I just stopped in to let you know that we are conducting another 'tag' ~ come visit my Blog to see how!
Thanks! :)