Monday, October 15, 2007

While We're on the Subject

Since we've been talking a lot about colds and germs lately, I wanted to post this quiz for everyone: "Test Your Germ I.Q."

I was surprised to see this:

"1. True or false: Exposing young children to lots of germs helps prepare their immune system to fight off future infections and illnesses.
a. True
b. False

Answer: With few exceptions — such as chicken pox — infections during childhood won't protect your child against future illnesses. A child who has lots of colds and bouts of stomach flu could easily grow into an adult who has lots of colds and bouts of stomach flu. (And in the case of chicken pox, catching the germ is riskier and far less pleasant than getting a shot.)"


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Sharon said...

Boy would I love to show this to Aidan's old nurse practitioner right now! She tried to INSIST that he'd have a stronger immune system if he was in daycare! Can you believe that?!

This really shows that it's worth the effort to keep them protected as best we can.