Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Although it has been a long road to get to where we are in our family, I feel so blessed for all the love that surrounds my son. It was difficult, in the beginning, for my siblings and me to adapt to the idea of our parents being divorced, so you can only imagine what an adjustment it was to add step-parents and step-siblings into the mix! Watching Landon with all of these people around, though, makes me so thankful I have each one of them. Landon doesn't know about step-grandparents and half-siblings and in-laws. He just knows who loves him...and his life would not be the same without each of the people in our loud, crazy, complicated family.

We really are getting closer to being just that: one big, happy family. These pictures are some that I took this week of Landon playing with his "Grandaddy". They were opening up acorns to find "dinosaur babies", singing nursery rhymes, and exploring in the backyard. It truly touches my heart to see how much Landon and my step-dad love each other.


Sharon said...

That 2nd picture is so precious!
And I didn't expect it to be your step-dad! I am so happy Landon is surrounded by so much love. :) Heck, you know how it is in my family. No step-anything, but plenty of distance and non-talking, etc. It's ridiculous.

I hope they found some great dino eggs!

Kim said...

Such a sweet post...I love the pictures! Kids really have so much more to teach US about life and love than we could ever teach THEM!

Crystal said...

that's so sweet! cute pictures

Andrea said...

How sweet! It's great to have a loving family.