Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Wired World

Okay, so my friend Sharon came to town for a visit with her two precious boys and it was JUST what we all needed. Well, it was just what I needed (someone who's patient with Landon, even when he's sitting on her child....while I'm taking pictures of it. Yeah. Ummm...Oops. Doesn't look so great in print.) Aidan (3) and Landon (2) became instant buddies, running all over the place and shrieking and laughing in those carefree little boy voices, organizing little games between themselves. Sharon, Andy and I passed her sweet, sweet little baby, Brennan back and forth (okay, okay, so he cried when I held him and LOVED when Andy held him--I admit it, Andy! You are the Baby Whisperer. There. You happy, fool?) We attempted to talk throughout the visit, but, it was like attempting a phone conversation (pointless, distracted and filled with interjections directed at the hyper kids-LOL!). I realized how LUCKY we are to have computers. Really-Think about it! While it was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to be able to see Sharon and her family in person--I wouldn't trade hugging Aidan and holding Brennan for all the e-mails in the WORLD and would visit with them any day of the week (and twice on Sunday!)-- it is so great to know that we have BLOGGING. Not only can I keep up with my friend's daily life at my own pace (on my own messed up schedule!) without having long trips up the map or coordinating our mom-calendars enough to have a phone call (nearly impossible on most days), I can also see pictures of her family and check out websites we're always passing back and forth. We can share recipes and jokes, parenting advice and funny kid stories. I always feel bad that we live so far away from each other after growing up together...but I have to admit that we actually get to spend more "quality" time together this way. I keep in touch with Sharon better than ANY friend I have right here in town. Don't you guys love being able to get online at midnight and be able to catch up with all of your friends through e-mail and blogs? Isn't it great to sneak away during naptime and know that the timing is always just right for "visiting"? And isn't it great to say what you want to say and know that there are people who will read yourposts just to gain support...not just to contradict you? I am so thankful for the little bit of technology that I know how to use! My "online friends" are quickly becoming my favorite people. They understand me better and appreciate my values more--they're always there to listen to me whining and they celebrate with me when something great happens. I am so glad to have bumped into you all in the blogosphere (Ugh! I still feel nerdy using that word!) and I want us all to move to the same city so we can hang out every day (a la "Sex and the City" or "Friends")....although who am I kidding--with our kids around, we'd NEVER be able to get a word in edgewise, would we? Ha ha ha! Let's stick to blogging and be glad we have it! I love you guys--all of my bloggy friends and, of course, you Sharon! Thanks for the visit...Now, let's e-mail all of the stories that we didn't tell in person!